Happy Vday with my bias

You say you’re not romantic, but I have a feeling you’ll blossom into someone even more amazing when you find true love (even though it won’t be me). I can’t wait to witness. I love you bb Minseok. ❤

Life 101

Life has a series of new beginnings of falling down and getting up again. When we fail, we think of giving up. But God uses our failures to make us wiser and better.


When we like someone, we instantly see all his actions towards us in a different light. That sideway glance that was accidentally thrown into your direction would instantly be perceived by your hopeful heart as him trying to catch a glimpse of you when you think you don’t notice. You would try so hard for…

In Due Time

The eyes of all look at You, and You give them their food in due time. PSALM 145:15 He know that as you look around, you see so many who seem to have so much more than you. But closely. Do they have Him? Let Him change your heart and perspective so that you will…

5 Rules for Love

💌 1 Love yourself and be happy. 💌 2 Kiligin Responsibly. 💌 3 Don’t dare fall in love too fast. 💌 4 In God’s will and perfect time. 💌 5 Follow All of the above.

Chill ❤

“It is not wise to assign permanent feelings and emotions to a temporary person specially those who cannot be trusted. Suffering because of them is not worth the gift of life God has given. So Chill! :)” -Francis Kong

Little Things

Enjoy the little things in life.. for one day you’ll look back and realize they were big things. Growing up in the province molded me to become wise spender, diligent and most likely to become a big dreamer. With my messy hair and mismatched outfits, I spent many of my childhood days eating all kinds…

Food Talk ❤ Amo Yamie Crib

All set to freeze my tummy! Sweet thirst quenchers that everyone will definitely love. This is my first time here and I think there will be next time hehe I went here with my co-workers, lunch out this time! 😄 Since we’re not so hungry, we thought of eating snacks so I suggested to try…

Current mood 🕑

Always a good time with my bed time buddies. One way to relax is to just stay in bed and do whatever I want. Nyahaha and that’s what makes me. happy too. Blog plus sketch plus play 👌✔👍❤ #chill


Details for today’s OOTD Got worn my fave color combi. It really fits the weather so I picked black and white from top to bottom 💯✔

bnw self captured ❤

Me on a long weekend and rainy days.  Guts on taking a selfie after a good sleep. Nyaha! 👯😂 #wokeuplikethis #bnw #bunnyband